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Where to eat truffle in Manjimup and Pemberton

As local truffle growers we’re often asked for the best places to eat truffle in Manjimup and Pemberton. Here’s our favourites cafes and restaurants that regularly use fresh truffle in season.

If you’re looking for the genuine experience of truffle season, take care to look for fresh truffle when reading the menu, not truffle oil. If unsure, don’t be afraid to ask politely as sometimes restaurants will add truffle oil to a dish in order to use less fresh truffle. Truffle oil from the bottle sometimes has small amounts of truffle inside but what you’re tasting as the predominant flavour is a manufactured aroma designed to mimic fresh truffle. The flavour of truffle oils tends to be quite dominant in a dish, whereas fresh truffle is more subtle and nuanced, less likely to overpower.

The season for fresh black truffles in Manjimup is late May to early September. Outside of these months the only way to enjoy local truffle is when it’s been preserved. Some restaurants will make truffle butter which they can keep for longer periods.

Truffle Butter Recipe ... the quick way and the long way
Fresh black truffles from Australian Truffle Traders (Image: Sarah Hewer)

Best restaurants to eat fresh truffle in Manjimup and Pemberton

A historic homestead with B&B style accommodation, and cracking home cooked breakfast with farm fresh eggs. Owner Chris is a generous host and has created a series of truffle packages which include truffle hunts, truffle dinners and sometimes truffle cooking classes. Give her a call to see what they have coming up.

A favourite to recommend, great views and the food is delicious.

We love Sööma for an evening meal and good drinking. An ever-changing menu, with something for everyone. Local owners Deb and Steve clearly love hosting people. They’re big supporters of Truffle Kerfuffle and regularly feature fresh truffle on their menu throughout the season.

A beautiful location overlooking the water and forest. Regularly features fresh truffles on their restaurant menu in season.

If you’re staying near Bridgetown, Pip Mills at does great meals and often uses fresh truffle in season.

Self catering: cook your own truffle feast

A great way to experience what truffle season is about is to buy some a fresh truffle or two at the end of your truffle hunt, pick up a bottle of pinot, some local produce, and take back to your self-catering accommodation to have a go at cooking truffles yourself. Cooking with truffles is easier than you think.

These are our favourite spots to pick up the ingredients for a local truffle feast.

Join one of our truffle hunts and buy fresh truffle or truffled eggs to take home. Or, buy online to have it shipped Australia-wide for when you get home.

On the corner of South Western Hwy and Vasse Hwy (Pemberton turnoff) is a favourite for heritage pumpkins and the neighbouring farm’s potatoes. Both go great with truffle.

They do the best dried cannellini beans we’ve ever tasted, plus lots of fresh fruits and vegetables from the region. Look out for the likes of Charcol Springs pasture raised eggs and Bannister Downs cream, both local and truffle essentials.

Bella and Bryn’s Cosy Creek Farm Stall. Perhaps the cutest stall in the region, run by two local kids, they do a great job. .

Best butcher in town. Also stocks Charcol Springs eggs and other local goodies.


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