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Truffle & Eggs

This simple but classic combo is one of our favourites. It’s best if you can plan ahead and pre-truffle the eggs. Put your truffle, loosely wrapped in paper towel, alongside a half dozen whole eggs in an airtight jar in the fridge. Open daily, release some air and enjoy a good sniff. In 2-3 days they’ll have absorbed the truffle aroma and are ready to cook. Adding some fresh truffle into the dish is a lovely way to add the layers of truffle aroma.

Our favourite ways to use truffled eggs at home:

  • Croque Madame with truffled egg

  • Truffled eggs, scrambled, with plenty of butter and hot toast

  • Soft-boiled truffled eggs with truffle butter soldiers

  • Woodfired mushroom pizza , topped with a runny truffled egg

  • Steak tartare with truffled egg

  • Salad of winter greens with soft-boiled truffled egg

  • Carbonara, the classic way, using truffled eggs (if you usually use cream, look up the egg technique)

Decadent but easy truffle pasta using fresh black truffles from Australian Truffle Traders
Fresh black truffles from Australian Truffle Traders (Image: Sarah Hewer)


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