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Family Owned, Family Grown

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The Booth family are one of Australia's most experienced truffle families. They have been a part of the Manjimup truffle industry for over a decade; hands on from growing and distribution to dog training and hunting. As farmers they understand that for chefs, restaurateurs and distributors, getting truffles at the peak of freshness is paramount.

Living on their family farm in the Southern Forests of Manjimup, Gavin, Mel and their young son Brin value a place on the land, knowing that shortcuts don’t work. Nurturing the soil, trees and environment is key to the perfect truffle. Nestled on gently sloping paddocks and bordered by Karri forest, their orchards contain a mix of oak and hazelnut trees underneath which the truffles grow.

Gavin Booth hails from the West Highlands of Scotland. The son of a deerstalker he grew up on country estates, well grounded in life on the land, before serving as a chef with Royal Navy. Mel Booth grew up in Australia and started her working life in the vineyards of the Margaret River wine region. For many years Mel was an expert dog trainer and handler, serving in the Australian Customs Service. Mel is one of the most experienced truffle hunters and dog trainers in Australia. Truffle dogs are Molly, Gidgee and Max have an uncanny ability to hunt out only the ripest of truffles to be unearthed by hand.

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