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Hot Truffle Dipping Oil

The real deal truffle oil. Ever since trying this in Spain we’ve been hooked on making it at home. An all-in dish to share over drinks or the start of a meal

Decadent but easy truffle pasta using fresh black truffles from Australian Truffle Traders
Hot Truffle Dipping Oil using fresh black truffles from Australian Truffle Traders (Image: Sarah Hewer)

Hot Truffle Dipping Oil with fresh black truffles


  • Quality olive oil, mellow flavour

  • Quality sea salt flakes, like Olsson’s

  • Baguette

  • Fresh black truffle


  • Put an empty, deep sided plate in the oven at 100°C. Stoneware is best as it holds the heat.

  • When blistering hot, remove carefully and swap for the baguette. Forewarn your guests not to touch as you place the empty plate on a heatproof mat amongst them.

  • Working quickly, flood the plate with oil. Add liberal amounts of salt and shavings of truffle across the surface. Take a moment to enjoy the deep waft of truffle as the piping hot plate warms the oil.

  • Remove baguette from the oven when the plate’s just cool enough to touch. Invite everyone to tear off chunks and mop up the warm ,salty, truffle-y goodness.


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